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The Grand Challenge – Stop Stigma Together

Areas of major issues in Utah and across the United States are centered around Mental Health. This can take the form of issues around access to services or around the stigma associated with reaching out and receiving care for mental health. This itself can take on various forms and requires a collaborative effort to dissect these stigmas and work to remove them to improve the mental health of the state and country as a whole.

The University of Utah’s Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI) has launched an initiative called the Grand Challenge and its goal is to End Stigma. With this effort, HMHI has started a state level effort in Utah which is also being used to model similar efforts in other states. Many other states have since launched with a goal of this being an ongoing effort in all states. Similarly, there is a national effort which is both to address the needs at a national level and to be a guiding force for the state level efforts.

To unite our passion, drive and expertise into powerful strategic actions that end the stigma around mental health and substance use disorders.

3-5 Year Goal:
Build foundation for success to drastically reduce stigma around mental health and substance use disorders in Utah by 2028.

A state free of stigma, with the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors that supports everyone with mental health and substance use disorders.

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Get resources from the National Ad Council’s effort called “Love, your mind”:

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