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National Resources

Last updated: June 13, 2024

Comment: I am receiving a lot of requests from organizations to have their resources added to this page. I appreciate hearing about any resources, but this page is directed at resources related to my work, which are legislative/legal. Any other resources are currently not going to be added to this site. Thank you!

AnalysisMovement Advancement ProjectAnalyzes policies and issues on a by state basis. Has communication guides around current policies and issues. Has communication guides can be very useful is bringing issues to an easier to discuss level. Has maps depicting the status of equality issues across the US.
CourtsACLUThis page has a listing and discussion of court cases the ACLU is involved in. This can be filtered by state.
CourtsFree Law ProjectThe Court Listener – Search millions of court opinions by case name, topic, or citation
CourtsLambda LegalThis page has a listing and discussion of court cases Lambda Legal is involved in.
CourtsU.S. GovernmentMap depicting which states below to which District Courts or Courts of Appeals.
CourtsNational Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR)This page has a listing and discussion of court cases NCLR is involved in. Searchable.
GuideFamily Acceptance ProjectKey information from their research on how families can help support their lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ) children. These family education booklets have been designated as “Best Practice” resources for suicide prevention for LGBTQ people by the Best Practices Registry for Suicide Prevention. 
LegislationEquality FederationCompiled listing of anti-transgender legislation
LegislationACLUFiltering list of bills the ACLU is tracking.
LegislationNational Conference of State LegislationTracker for when states are in General or Special Session along with scheduled session end dates. Typically bills are abandoned or move to an Interim Session if a General Session ends without the bill either passing or being defeated.
LegislationLegiscanThis site provides information for all bills, whether state or federal. Useful for tracking details, updates, and progress.
Legislation/ PolicyErin in the MorningErin Reed blogs about Transgender related legislation and policy across the country.