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During the course of my volunteering, I found that there is not always a good consolidation of resources. I have collected many references and these have use on an ongoing basis and specifically, certain information has value during the legislative session. Because of this, I decided it was useful to share this as a collection based on my work. As such, it may seem a bit varied, but that is deliberate as it is a reflection of my work and what information I am collecting. Also, given our shifting landscape for social media and that social media posts disappear chronologically, I am adding a blog. This way I can share my thoughts on discourse, direction of legislation, and information related to my other efforts.

Note: This site is currently being built up. With the legislative session approaching, I felt the need to start getting information available for those searching for it. With that, please pardon any imperfections as I will put more importance on content over perfection of appearance. I suspect cleaning up the appearance for all browsers will be needed. I can work on that after the session has ended, if not done sooner.