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SB 100 passes

SB0100 has passed through Senate concurrence and now will go to the Governor for signature. This has the same effective date language as the healthcare bill, so the Governor will have to sign it or veto it within 10 days after it is presented to him. If he does nothing, it becomes law after time elapses. The day it is presented to him and Sundays are excluded.

Since I have had to clarify this some since it went through two substitutes. I want to state what it does and what it doesn’t do.

First it doesn’t force a teacher to out a child when they are asked to use a name or pronoun different than the school records. This was taken out.

What it does do is that if the child asks to have their *official* record updated for name or gender, the parents will be will have to give written consent. Note, this is the name and gender that would be in any official correspondence from the school, including report cards. Parents will have full access to records within FERPA laws.