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HB0329 is posted – Adult Event Permit Amendments

This bill seems small and probably innocuous to the average person. So what can it mean? In general, a public entity can determine what is an adult event and then public notice must be made. Let’s break this down a little.

So the definitions
(a) “Event with an adult theme” means an event that:
(i) contains content that may not be appropriate for children; and
(ii) takes place in a public building or on public grounds.  
(b) “Event with an adult theme” may include an event that contains:
(i) nudity;
(ii) sexual activity or content; or
(iii) excessive profanity.

Note the definition says “May include”. It later says:

“1) (a) If a public entity grants an event permit for an event that the public entity determines, in the public entity’s discretion, is an event with an adult theme, the public entity shall provide notice of possible adult content to members of the public who may view or otherwise be exposed to the event with an adult theme.”

So the definition of adult themed is pretty open ended. Given that, what could possibly fit this definition and control?

How about a Pride Festival on city square?
How about an Allies Event in the city owned Eccles Theatre?
How about a community picnic in Liberty Park?

You can see, it gets pretty limitless. So then requiring a public notice becomes just another way of tagging us. It can draw the haters in and help to create protests., whether the event is big or small.

This small bill is a very dangerous bill.