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Why have this website?

During the course of my volunteering, I found that there is not always a good consolidation of resources. I have collected many references and these have use on an ongoing basis and specifically, certain information has value during the legislative session. Because of this, I decided it was useful to share this as a collection based on my work. As such, it may seem a bit varied, but that is deliberate as it is a reflection of my work and what information I am collecting. This site content is either referential or experience/interpretation.

This site is not affiliated with any non-profit or for profit organization. It is a personal effort and all time and costs are personally contributed. If you wish to thank me, please either send an email to the email address at the bottom, or click on the Thank Sue button and buy me a coffee. Both are appreciated and with both, I would love to hear how the site is useful to you. Also, although my name is Sue, I am not a legal professional.

For journalists: Similar to the AP style guide, GLAAD has produced a Media Reference Guide for your use in discussing the LGBTQ+ community. This can be very helpful in working through perhaps new terminology, especially in our divisive times where some choose to use harmful language.

Empty Classroom.

Education Brings Knowledge – Knowledge Brings Understanding – Greater Understanding Brings Social Change

My go to line.  It says it by itself.    If we give education, we can create more understanding and as that understanding increases, we bring social change to our issue.  This is important as we advocate but we also have to realize the arc is long.  We don’t educate today and create change tomorrow.  It takes time to build that knowledge. This should be an ongoing process to bring people along on the journey we are educating about.

Dirty hands being held out with a field in the background.

Don’t Try To Be Important, Try To Do Important

This one has been re-used and it is a clear message in a catchy line.  Some try and go out and instead of working for results for the community impacted, they get worried about their importance in the community.  They want to be the most well known or the first to do something.  They are the ones that show up when the cameras are rolling and not doing the hard work in the background when the lights are dim.  The irony is that if you really do important, then you will truly be important.

Eight arms reaching out so all hands are stacked.

We don’t need the same doing more, we need more doing the same

This is the message of a community that sometimes doesn’t have enough depth in its people doing the work.  Anyone who is involved will tell you that if you do good work, everyone will come to you asking them to join their organization or help them on a project.  We see those that accept all these offers that come their way don’t last long as they burn out.  As a community we need to distribute these offers instead of wearing out those that will work hard.  This will increase the depths of our strengths and if done right, will increase our diversity.

Two women working together with one holding a plan up.

You don’t get change by creating enemies; you will get change by creating messages.

No one wants to work with someone who is constantly yelling at them.  If you want to only feel good, yell away. I get it.  But if you want to be an activist instead of an aggravator, then instead of yelling at people, which can easily cause them to not value your voice and shut down listening, you can create a message and work to educate them.  A message can be inviting and work to change hearts and minds.  Making an enemy just increases the number of people working against us.      

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