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Last updated: January 29, 2023

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January 223Wiliams InstituteImpact of HB 1557 (Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Bill) on LGBTQ+ Parents in Florida
December 2022Williams InstituteMedicaid Coverage for Gender-Affirming Care
December 2022Williams InstituteHate Crimes Against LGBT People
June 7, 2022Pew Research CenterAbout 5% of young adults in the U.S. say their gender is different from their sex assigned at birth
October 18, 2022GLSENThe 2021 National School Climate Survey
June 2022Williams InstituteHow Many Adults and Youth Identify as Transgender in the United States?
2022The Trevor Project2022 National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health
September 2021Williams InstituteSuicide Risk and Prevention for Transgender People: Summary of Research Findings
September 2021Williams InstituteLGBT People’s Experiences of Workplace Discrimination and Harassmentranseq
July 27, 2021Pew Research CenterRising shares of U.S. adults know someone who is transgender or goes by gender-neutral pronouns
June 2021Williams InstituteNonbinary LGBTQ Adults in the United States
2021PRRIAmericans’ Support for Key LGBTQ+ Rights Continues to Tick Upward
January 25, 2019Center for Disease ControlTransgender Identity and Experiences of Violence Victimization, Substance Use, Suicide Risk, and Sexual Risk Behaviors Among High School Students — 19 States and Large Urban School Districts
2016Rand CorpAssessing the Implications of Allowing Transgender Personnel to Serve Openly
2015NCTE2015 U.S. Transgender Survey (note: Includes national and breakout numbers including by state. Currently in update.)